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Published Saturday December 26th, 2009 at 1:10pm

Original Article by Robyn Bradley Litchfield

The T-shirts, socks, boots and scrapbook that Ted Brewer found underthe Christmas tree were wonderful, but it was the gift he received thatevening that he will remember all his life.

For much of Brewer's 24 years, he'd wanted to find his birth mother.He didn't know that for years she was also looking for him.

Ted Brewer and his birth mother,Lisa Loyed Bryant, look at the only photograph she had of him, asnapshot taken in the hospital when he was born, as they meet onChristmas night in Montgomery.
They met onChristmas.

A fewminutes after 7 p.m. Friday, the Montgomery man who is in the AlabamaArmy National Guard met his birth mother and a sister, two brothers anda nephew that until this week he'd never known he had.

He also met a handful of other relatives that his mother brought to meet him.

Brewer only found out who she was on Tuesday, thanks to Montgomery private investigator Jennifer Talley and Facebook.

Hisbirth mother, Lisa Loyed Bryant, who lives in Natchez, Miss., drove allday on Christmas so she and her family could meet him.

"Itwas a very surreal moment," Brewer said late Christmas morning as heprepared for the meeting. "Talking with her on the phone, I was soexcited and so nervous I can't really describe the feeling -- it's justso overwhelming."

Bryantand her family were already in the east Montgomery hotel lobby Fridayevening when Brewer and his wife, Emily Rhodes Brewer, arrived. Theydidn't say much until after their long embrace. There were many tears-- tears of joy -- as family members looked on.

OnceBrewer had met his brothers Phillip Breland and Lee Swinny and sisterAriane Swinny and her 2-year-old son, Peyton Swinny, the family movedto a large sofa in the lobby, where everybody crowded around the coffeetable to check out Brewer's life in photographs.

Healso shared scrapbooks that his adoptive parents, David and MerrilyBrewer of Pike Road, had made for him. Thumbing through the pages, heidentified special people, places and things that have been part of hislife since his mom and dad brought him home when he was about 4 monthsold.

"Mom and Dadare two of the greatest gifts God has given me," Brewer said. "They areliving saints and raised me in a Christian household and have given meso much support."

After a few minutes, David and Merrily Brewer dropped by the hotel tomeet the woman who gave birth to their only child. As they enteredBryant walked over to hug both of them, and Brewer smiled as heintroduced his mom and dad to his birth mom.

Bryant said she never wanted to give up her baby boy, who was bornJan. 23, 1985, but she was just 18 and not married to his birth fatherat the time. By the seventh month of her pregnancy, she came to theconclusion that he could have a much better life if she put him up foradoption.

"I struggled with that decision," Bryant said.

Shesaid she always hoped that one day she would find him. When he turned18, she began her search in earnest, always looking for a Peter RossLoyed, the name she gave her baby, the baby she was not allowed to hold.

Alabor and delivery nurse had snapped a photograph of the newborn forher -- a photograph and an image she held onto all these years.

Itwas on Tuesday that Brewer turned over his adoption paperwork toTalley, who immediately started searching for the birth mom online.

Withina couple of hours, she had found Bryant, who had posted informationabout her baby boy at several sites. Talley also found Bryant'sFacebook page and sent her a message.

When she checked her Facebook inbox and found the message, Bryant said she could barely dial her cousin Tammie Chafton's number.

"I knew it was him," said Bryant, who immediately contacted Talley to ask her to have Brewer call that evening.

Beforethe end of the day, they were on the phone and making plans to meet forChristmas in Montgomery. He also made contact by phone with his birthfather, Mike Watson, who now lives in Louisiana, and they plan to meetwithin a few weeks.

Thatis in the future. For Brewer and Bryant the gift they've received thisChristmas -- a Christmas present, and presence, for which they'dyearned for years -- is enough.