Every day Find My Family helps individuals get closer to answering lifelong questions by helping them locate unknown information and ultimately be able to reunite with those whom adoption has separated them from. Every family's circumstances are different and a new series for a major television network is partnering with us to help bring awareness to these stories. If you would be interested in having your journey told and reunion considered for the show, please write us your story by emailing: story@findmyfamily.org

What to write

The story you write should include what your relation is to adoption (adoptee, birthparent, birthsibling, adoptive family member, etc), the circumstances that led to the adoption, how you've been affected and what the impact has been to your life, what prompted you to begin searching, what steps and challenges you encountered during the search, and if you've been contact, what was it like? If you've already reunited, please describe how your lives have changed since, and indicate if you have video or photos from the reunion. If you haven't yet reunited, please indicate if you have made arrangements to meet, and where and when.

Please include your full name, city/state, email, and phone number with best time to reach you. Please also indicate if it is okay for your story to be posted on the Find My Family website to share with others who are searching. Your contact information will not be included, and we can omit your last name if you wish.

Not yet reunited?

Be sure to register here to add the adoption search to the Find My Family registry.