Who is the Find My Family Adoption Registry for?

This adoption reunion registry is for adoptees and their birth family members who are mutually searching for each other. It is for an adoptee wondering:

  • How do I find my birth mother or birth father?
  • Do I have a brother or sister?
  • What are my origins and genealogy?
  • What is my family medical history?
The reunion registry is also for biological parents who want to find the child they relinquished for adoption.

By using this adoption registry everyone can safely and privately have their reunion facilitated by a volunteer adoption "search angel".

Get Started

Begin by registering and providing information regarding the adoption.

Then search the adoption registry of over 80,000+ registrants. If you find a possible match, click on the registration number and an email will be sent to Search Angel Judy who will research if it is a match.

Recent Registrations

View latest adoption search records added to reunion registry

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