In 1996 Beth Leve established the California Mutual Consent Registry as a way for adoptees and birth family members, who are mutually searching for each other, to have their reunion facilitated by a "search angel".

Being one of the search angels, I have helped with over a thousand reunions. In 2008 I took over responsibility for the registry and worked with my own son to develop this website. Our mission is to provide a user-friendly and safe place where adoptees and birth family members can find one another at no charge. Our registry, now with over 58,000+ people, has resulted in many wonderful reunions.

Our vision for creating is to reconnect every adoptee with their birth family. While initially the registry was just for California, due to its success, in November 2009 we expanded the registry to all United States. We're proud of the fact our adoption search registry is constantly growing with atleast 25 new registrations added every day. With the continued growth and international adoptees from around the world, in April 2018 we opened up registrations for Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and United Kingdom.

As a "Search Angel" the website and investigative research we provide is given free of charge. We rely on greatly-appreciated donations to help cover our expenses and to ensure we can continue providing this service for free.

Be wary of anyone who contacts you with offers to "help" you in a search for a fee. Before you agree to pay for a search, contact me for advice on your particular case. To protect you from such for-profit businesses, we have setup our registry to limit what information is displayed publicly online.

We will not give your personal information to anyone without your permission. The only exception is if we have found a match for you and are unable to contact you via email, phone or letter. In that situation we will provide the last known contact information we have for you, to the other party.

It is vital for you to keep your contact information current so you can be contacted when there is a match to your registration.

Wishing all registrants a quick and fulfilling reunion!

Aaron Sheinbein
Co-Founder and Webmaster
Judy Sheinbein
Adoption Search Angel