Registrant Wanda Cole is a member of the birth family looking for any of her birth family. The adoptee was born in Missouri in October. She was born in Kansas City in Jackson County. Her adoptive name became Reta Lucille Cole.

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Missouri Adoption Record: # 86333

Other Birth Family looking for Any Birth Family
Wanda Cole

Adoptee's Info
Birth Name: Unknown
Adoptive Name: Reta Lucille Cole
Date of Birth: Oct ??, ??
Gender: Female
Birth Location: Kansas City city, Jackson county, Missouri USA

Birthmother's Info
Name: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Age at Adoptee's Birth: Unknown
Religion: Unknown

Birthfather's Info
Name: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Age at Adoptee's Birth: Unknown
Religion: Unknown

Born at Hospital:
Birth Certificate:
Adoption Agency:

Additional Info
Hello my name is Cynthia Carter, you do not know me but after reading this I hope you have some insight of who and what I am because this is my story: \\nMy grandmother Rita Lucille Cole was born in 1909 she was adopted by James and Mary Cole at birth. She was told from the time that she could remember that she was adopted but never told from where the only information was that she had that she came from a Catholic adoption in Kansas City Missouri. She was an only child and never had any relatives that she grew up with. She was raised in Melbourne Missouri. When she applied for Social Security the state could find no information on her so they had to go by the Census records until they found out when she appeared. So actually she never really knew if the month and date she celebrated her birthday was correct. Back in the 1900s unwed mothers, adoptions and divorces were not discussed as they are now. Children were seen and not heard and I am guessing this is what the same was in the next generations. \\nThe second chapter in my life my mother Wanda Cole Carter had only one sibling a sister Rosemary that was one year apart, I guess you could say “As the Story Goes”, my grandmother never married my mother's and aunts father. My mother and aunt was raised in coffey Missouri, as well as me and my brother, sister and cousin. We also went to the same school and had some of the same teachers (yes talk about being compared) this generation was very close and knew everything about each. The bad thing was if you did something bad at school, your mother new about it before you got home! Most of the time it was the God's honest truth that they did know! Of course we had a population of maybe 200 people. I never thought much about genealogy even in my thirties but after having children and medical health issues you start thinking about the older generation. My beginning reason was medical purpose but when my dad would talk about his childhood years (which he had 12 brothers and sisters) I was in my forties. I really got interested in finding things out it. It wasn't just something to pass the time away, it was family, mine, my children, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. I had started out with my dad's family because he had so much memory of growing up and it was time we spent together listening to my families history. I had asked my mother a few times if she wanted to know more about her family (which was really never talked about) and her reply was that there was no one out there that she shared blood with. So we left it at that. My dad was my “go-to” for everything to help me with the genealogy. Until I lost him last year... I can not imagine how lost my mother was because I had lost a big part of me. I really decided then I would find out everything I could about the Carter’s and make my dad proud. As the months went by my brother decided to do the DNA for Dad's family. I had always ask Mom if she would do one and she always told me no. Then when Mother's Day came this year I saw ancestry had a special, so I asked Mom one more time about doing it and she finally said yes! I told her that we would find someone out there that shared her blood and maybe a story. I had finally put a smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes.It seemed like years before the results came in. I done everything I was suppose to. I couldn’t believe that when the matches started coming in, the closest relative was a fifth cousin...I failed…. I gave her hope and I failed at everything. I worked at times 12 hours a day trying to find anything, any information, any leads or anyone that would listen to me. The same questioned that I was asked and wondered myself was what surname are we looking for, what closest relative alive would believe our story, and most of all I kept coming back to the promise I had made my mother….. there is someone out there with your blood! You see, I don't want anyone to do to the searching for me. I want the feeling of knowing I found her family!! I am so lost and have no idea where to go now. The same answer is always asked: do I have a birth certificate, birth name, a place adopted, any friends or family that would have any information. If the state can’t find any information about her then where do I start? who do I look for mother or father side? I have found some Cole”s in the public trees but all they knew was she was the adopted daughter of James and Mary Cole. I am beginning to think that anyone that had any information about this has been so many generations back that the little secret has disappeared. I have no money for someone to help. I love the experience and the feel of when you find that person! You see, there's never a time you know when you will no longer have your parents... that I learned the hard way. I still have my mother that I thank God everyday for. It is not a guarantee how much time I have left with my mother, I just want her to know that yes she does have blood relatives.\\n I hope you know a little bit more of me now that you have read my story, my biological story. \\nThank you!\\n

Registered: July 30, 2018

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