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Published Monday July 6th, 2009 at 4:38pm

Original Article by Kay Elder

Kay Elder, who just found 9 siblings after 23 year search who did not know she existed.
I had known I was adopted as long as I could remember; however, I wanted to know why. I always had this emptiness inside as to who she was, who he was and why. A very important thing that any adoptee needs to know is family medical history - that I never could supply to any doctor.

I finally traced down my birth mother in 1986 and discovered that her sister was the mother of a girl I went to school with - can you imagine sitting next to your first cousin all through school and not knowing it? She agreed to meet with me for 2 hours to answer my questions, and then she said for me to go back to being dead to her.

The story she told me was that she was 14 when I was conceived and he was 22.

She was 15 when she gave birth to me and he did not want any part of it. So I was put up for adoption. She told me my father's name and that I had his blue eyes. She told me that she had married at 17 and he and she agreed to never tell any children they had. They had 3 daughters and one son. I asked for their names so I could contact them; but she refused.

I called my birth father on the phone and asked him to please meet me and see my eyes that I got from him - a beautiful cross between ocean and sky blue. He denied me and would not meet me.

I have wondered all these years if I was going to die and never let my siblings know about me - and if they would even want to know about me. Rejection was, of course, a possibility, but my closure would come by finding them and letting them know they had a loving sister. If they wanted to know me, well then that would surely be a plus.

With today's internet and different websites to search people on that did not exist in 1986, my daughter and I located my siblings - low and behold I have not only 3 sisters (one died in February 09) and a brother by birth mother, but I have 2 sisters and a 3 bothers by birth father......9 siblings.

Can you just imagine my excitement when I had those 9 names, addresses and phone numbers in my hand!!! And, get this, my neighbor's brother is married to one of my birth father's daughters.

Small small world!

I have contacted them all by phone; some were shocked (of course, I would have been too), but all in all most were very receptive to knowing all about me and my children. Some of them just don't want to be bothered. And that is ok, as I said earlier, my closure was holding those names in my hand and making those phone calls.

So now, through facebook and myspace the receptive ones and I are getting to know each other and planning on meeting; some even live in Greenville area. And their children are talking to my children which is a blessing as well.

One last thing I need to brag on....I got his eyes - my siblings did not. But when they meet me face to face, they will see him again in my eyes and will smile as will I.