Registrant Barbara Betts is a biological sister looking for her brother. The adoptee was born in New York in 1958 on December 19th. He was born to 21 year old birthmother Judith Ann Bain (maiden name Petersson).

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New York Adoption Record: # 31016

Biological Sister looking for Adoptee
Barbara Betts

Adoptee's Info
Birth Name: Unknown
Adoptive Name:
Date of Birth: Dec 19, 1958 (now 63 years old)
Gender: Male
Birth Location: Unknown city, Unknown county, New York USA

Birthmother's Info
Name: Judith Ann Bain (Petersson)
Born: Jan 3, 1937 (now 85 years old)
Age at Adoptee's Birth: 21
Religion: Unknown

Birthfather's Info
Name: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Age at Adoptee's Birth: Unknown
Religion: Unknown

Born at Hospital:
Birth Certificate:
Adoption Agency:

Additional Info
My mother passed away in June, 2009. Before she died, she told my siblings and I she had something she had kept secret our entire lives. She said we had a brother that she had given up for adoption. She said he was born December 19, 1958, and not a birthday goes by that she does not think of that day. I was two at the time of his birth. We lived in Illinois with my grandparents. My mother went to Merrick, NY to live with her aunt and uncle the last three months of her pregnancy. My grandmother (her mother) was the one who set all of this up as my mother was divorced from my father and we were both living with my grandparents and she did not want another baby in the mix. She did NOT want anyone to know about the pregnancy as she did not want to be embarrassed. Therefore, she sent my mother away before it became too apparent. Prior to sending her to New York, she forced her to cinch herself up with a girdle. I stayed home in Illinois with my grandparents. I remember the day my mother left, and the day she returned (and a lot of the time in between) like it was yesterday. I was told my entire life the reason she went to New York was because she wanted to start over and was going to send for me, but it didn't work out, so she came home. I do not believe either my grandmother or mother ever thought I would remember her being in New York - but, wow, did they ever underestimate the two year old whose mommy went away and left her! My fear of abandonment has been a lifelong struggle because of that incident! As I got older, and had my own children, I began to wonder why she would have done that, and they were so many inconsistencies with the story, that I was almost certain that had happened. I was very close to confronting her with my thoughts, and then she got sick. Low and behold, she ended up telling me what I thought all along and gave me two gifts that day: 1) A real reason for why she went away; and 2) Another brother! After revealing this to us, she asked every day for us to look for our brother and that she desperately needed to find him. Unfortunately, her health became much worse than anticipated and she passed away, quite unexpectedly. I want more than anything to find my brother! I hope I can find you out there!

Registered: January 20, 2015

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