Registrant Andrew Kostka ( Daniels) is an adoptee looking for any of his birth family. The adoptee was born in New York in 1951 on July 21st. He was born Daniels in New York City County to a 35 year old birthmother. Private Adoption handled the adoption. His adoptive name became Andrew John Kostka.

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New York Adoption Record: # 19718

Adoptee looking for Any Birth Family
Andrew Kostka ( Daniels)

Adoptee's Info
Birth Name: Daniels
Adoptive Name: Andrew John Kostka
Date of Birth: Jul 21, 1951 (now 67 years old)
Gender: Male
Birth Location: Unknown city, New York City county, New York USA

Birthmother's Info
Name: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Age at Adoptee's Birth: 35
Religion: Unknown

Birthfather's Info
Name: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Age at Adoptee's Birth: 34
Religion: Unknown

Born at Hospital: NT Hospital
Birth Certificate:
Adoption Agency: Private Adoption

Additional Info
My adoption was approved for filing on March 18th, 1952.
This was a prearranged private adoption.
I was born July 21st, 1951 and from near as I can tell, I was born in NY Hospital. ( I am guessing that is at Cornell, I guess that is around 68th st ?) I was adopted at birth in a pre-arranged adoption and a private adoption. The people who adopted me and named me ( Charles and Shirley Kostka) were older, so they could not go through normal adoption avenues.
From what I have been told, a Doctor George Cowan whose practice was in Manhattan and his wife Beatrice, they lived in Pelham Manor NY, were the ones who helped arrange the adoption. They were friends of Charles Kostka. I was told that Beatrice had even helped to name me.
I never knew and still don't know who my biological parents are. But from the birth index that lists my birth number twice, once as Kostka, and once as a male child named Daniels. So that is how I know my biological name. According to my non-identifying information I have 2 siblings that were being raised by my biologocal mother's mother. So somewhere out there I have 2 older siblings.
Charles & Shirley Kostka ( my parents) were Catholic and so I was raised Catholic, as I still am today.

So I lived with my parents in the Bronx,until 1963 when my father Charles died. He was 59 years old. My mom Shirley needed to get away from the Bronx and our house with all its memories and so in June of 1963 she moved us to Miami, FL. Mom got sick and was hospiatlized in Nov. 1964. I was sent to NJ to live with my Godparents in Nov 1964. I never saw my mom again. She died in August 1967. She was 67 years old.
I continued to live with my Godparents until 1970 when I graduated high school and was living on my own at the time.

I have 2 daughters from my 1st marriage that has produced 4 grandchildren. I am currently married to my 2nd wife and have been for almost 12 years.

I have been searching for my biological family for a very long time and with the help of computers, things get easier in a way but still frustrating as I am not sure I am any closer to finding anyone. I had tried writing to the hospital years ago and even calling them but when they heard adoption, they hung up. In letters, they wanted information about my biological mother that I do not have.

I have taken 2 DNA tests but have come up with nothing.

My biological mother was 34 years old when I was born, was Catholic, and was a Machine Operator. My biological father was 35 years old and was a soda fountain clerk.

I don't know where they are from or what their names. I don't know if Daniels is my mother's name or father's name.

Registered: May 10, 2012

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