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Published Sunday July 18th, 2010 at 10:01pm

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American Adoptees Denied Civil Rights to Birth Certificate

Due to archaic laws that are a legacy of cultural shame stigmatizing infertility, sex, unwed mothers, and adoption, over 90% of all American adoptees will face a life of discrimination unless current laws are changed.

Louisville, KY - Wanting their civil rights restored, the Adoptee Rights Demonstration, adopted persons, their families and friends will be gathering in Louisville, Kentucky during the Annual Summit of National Conference of State Legislators. The third annual demonstration for the equal rights of adopted persons in the United States includes a public rally and march.

Less Than 5% of American Adoptees Have Free Adoption Records

In the United States only six states (Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire and Oregon) allow adopted persons access to their original birth certificates. There are still 44 American states not allowing adopted persons their birth certificates because of circumstances beyond their control and based on situations that happened before they were born. All adoptees not living in an open records state , whether in an open or closed adoption, will find that their original birth certificate will forever be sealed away under current legislation.

The participants of the Adoptee Rights Demonstration believe that all people in the United States should be treated equally; not based the state of residence or the circumstances of their birth. To do otherwise is discrimination. Adoptee Rights volunteers help educate the state representatives about the need to introduce legislation that will allow adopted persons in the United States equal access to their original birth certificates.

Marching to Restore The Civil Rights of Adoptees

On July 25, 2010 at 11:30 am, The Adoptee Rights Demonstration gather at the Hampton Inn Downtown Louisville Kentucky and will march to the Annual Summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures being held at the at the Kentucky International Convention Center (221 South 4th Street Louisville, KY).

Members and volunteers of the Adoptee Rights Coalition will also be exhibiting at the NCSL Legislative Summit. Adult adoptees from around the world will be joined by the birthmothers who relinquished them, plus various family and supporters asking for one simple act; change the laws so they can be treated equally.

Many Reps Are Clueless Regarding State Discrimination Laws

When asked about the current adoption laws in their own state, many state legislators will find that the Adoptee Rights Volunteers know much more about the laws then they do.

"We have found that much of the general public, including many elected officials, are woefully unaware of the legal discrimination sanctioned in this country. Even adoptive parents and birthmothers have no idea that the laws are still decades old. If every caring adoptive parent knew that they were raising a child to be discriminated against, then they would be marching with us in Kentucky." states Jeff Hancock, adoptee and demonstration organizer.

There is no legislation or on any adoption contract does it state why an adopted person is not entitled to their own birth certificate. Most of the laws were created to "protect" the infant from the stigma of bastardization, but those provisions are no longer needed nor wanted by most parties involved. Those who would continue to deny adult adoptees access to their original birth certificates base their erroneous beliefs on information that is not support by historical nor statistical facts garnered from both US and international states with open records legislation in place.

Adoptee Rights legislation is pending in various states including New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, and Pennsylvania.

To learn more about the Adoptee Rights Demonstration, adoption legislation and what you can do to support adoptee rights contact Jeff Hancock at (585) 226-2774 or at or Paula Benoit, Executive Director, Adoptee Council for Adoption Reform Education, at (207) 798-0086 or at

Further information can be found at the Adoptee Rights Protest website or on Facebook.