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Published Wednesday December 9th, 2009 at 6:05pm

Original Article by Christy Cabrera Chirinos

In Broward County Florida, there's much on the line for high school quarterback Ryan Williams.

The senior can lead his team to their first state championship game if they can get past powerhouse Miami Central. Then there's the promise made to him by his newly found sister.

"If Ryan makes it to state, there's no question I'll be there," Julie Saint told Williams and his family. "We'll get a plane ticket or we'll jump in the car. Whatever we have to do, we'll get there."

Until earlier this year, Williams had no idea he even had a sister.

Then his mother delivered news that stunned her entire family.

As a teenager growing up in Ohio, she'd had a daughter and given her up for adoption. Now, that daughter, Saint, had found her.

"It was hard," Williams' mother, Jayne, said of the conversation she had with her sons and her husband, Rich Williams. "But they were so supportive. It meant everything to me."

For 35 years, Jayne Williams kept her daughter's existence a secret. The only ones who knew she'd had a child were her parents and her sister.

Before Saint's birth, the decision was made that she'd be given up for adoption.

After her delivery, Jayne Williams never had the opportunity to hold or even see her.

Saint went to her adoptive family and the court records detailing the adoption were sealed.

The matter was never spoken of again until Saint, who had been searching for her birth mother, called Jayne Williams in May.

When Williams answered the phone, Saint asked if a particular date in April and the name of an Ohio hospital held any meaning. Upon realizing they did, Saint told Williams she was her daughter.

"When she said that, I just sunk down on our bench outside," Williams said.

"I didn't even know what to say."

Added Saint: "It was a week before Mother's Day. That happened to be when I got all the information I needed and I knew who she was. I even knew about Ryan because in searching for her, I read about him."

Less than a month after that call, Saint, 35, traveled from her home in Columbus, Ohio, to South Florida, where she met her birth mother and her family.

Since then, Jayne has traveled to Ohio to visit Saint and her family. In October, Saint and her husband, Ron, returned to South Florida to see Williams and the Patriots play Piper.

During the game, Rich Williams presented his wife and her daughter with roses and the entire Miramar community became part of the family reunion.

"That night was a privilege," said Ryan Williams, who enters Friday's semifinal with 1,849 passing yards and 21 touchdowns. "They'd never seen me play and that was the first chance we really got to talk. She got to see the kind of person I am."

That night also set the tone for the promise Julie Saint made to Ryan.

If the Patriots advanced to the state championship, she'd be there.

"He's my brother," said Saint, who now wears a Miramar shirt every Friday.

"Even though we didn't grow up together, it was an instant connection and I'm so proud of him."