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Published Tuesday October 6th, 2009 at 4:57pm

Original Article by Jen Marnowski and Heidi McGuire

Biological brother and sister John Mark Eden and Misty De Le Rosa reunite after 44 years.
Denver, Colorado - John Eden grew up knowing he'd been adopted, and wondered about his biological parents for years.

But, before this year, it was expensive for adoptees from Colorado to find their birth parents. In June, a court unsealed 16 years of adoption records.

John Eden's life was about to change.

"I've always been curious, more so for medical reasons," said Eden of learning more about his birth parents.

John Mark Eden was born in Grand Junction, January 19th, 1965. At 9 months old, he left the hospital with his adoptive parents Hazel and William Eden.

"I grew up in a loving family with a great mom and dad and brothers and sisters," said John of his childhood.

During the same time, John's biological sister was living a much different life. Misty De Le Rosa was the second oldest of five children, and memories of her childhood was anything but loving.

"I came from a dysfunctional family, we had a lot of issues going on," said De Le Rosa.

De Le Rosa was 9 years old when her mom gave birth to John, but she says she never knew when her mother was pregnant. She was heavy set and wore house dresses that concealed her stomach.

"I just remember my dad would take us somewhere and we'd come home and there was a baby in the house," said De La Rosa. "We didn't talk about it," she added.

Eden says he was placed up for adoption because his birth mother had an affair with another man.

That man, Eden's biological father is still alive, however, his mother died before the records were unsealed.

In July, Eden decided to write a letter to his sister.

Dear Misty,

This letter will probably come as a surprise to you and your family and I hope that you will receive it with my sincerest thanks for taking time to read it and ponder its contents.

Eden went on to write about his adoption and how he found out who his birth parents were.

De La Rosa received a call from her husband on her 53rd birthday, and he read the letter aloud.

"All of a sudden , I was like I have a brother! I was absolutely thrilled, I couldn't wait to find out more," said De La Rosa.

Over the past three months the two perfect strangers got to know each other as siblings; sharing pictures through e-mail, and stories over the phone.

"I know your favorite color is purple," said Eden to De La Rosa in one conversation.

"I know your favorite color is red," De La Rosa said back.

Eden and De La Rosa decided to wait until October to meet. De La Rosa's husband had a trip planned to Denver and the couple boarded a plane Oct. 3rd.

"When I get off that plane I'm going to be a big mess, all I will do is cry and cry and cry," said De La Rosa full of excitement on the eve of their trip.

Biological brother and sister John Mark Eden and Misty De Le Rosa reunite after 44 years.

Eden and his wife wait patiently Saturday afternoon as hundreds enter the great room at Denver International Airport. Eden stands with his hands crossed, and his wife holding the camera phone.

"I thought I saw her," said Eden.

It was someone else.

De La Rosa calls around 12:20 p.m.

"You're there," asked John on the phone.

De La Rosa was close and the anticipation was growing.

Eden stood silent, until he finally said softly, "here she is."

Eden walks over and meets his sister, arms flung wide, they embrace each other and don't let go.

Behind them, strangers cheer. They don't know what just happened, but they could tell it was something very special.

"Wow," De La Rosa stared back at her brother.

Eden and his sister have a lot of catching up to do. De Le Rosa plans on spending a week with Eden and his family, and in two weeks Eden and his wife will fly to Vegas.