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Published Thursday September 3rd, 2009 at 10:26am

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Ray Sabbatini, a man stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, is searching forhis biological daughter with the help of E-bay. The reason RaySabbatini is doing this, is that he is also adopted and is using thisonline auction site to help find his biological daughter. Ray states"being adopted myself, I know what she must be going through, andprobably has a lot of unanswered questions." Ray is a MultipleSclerosis sufferer and was diagnosed over 6 years ago. Ray also is asingle father of a 10 year old girl and is basically looking to reunitewith another daughter he never even knew existed until just recently.Ray says, " I would love to get to know her, and hopefully she feelsthe same. Maybe just to see what she looks like, answer why she wasgiven up for adoption, develop a relationship, and possibly give hersome closure."

According to E-bay rules, something has to be sold, so Ray will beauctioning off pictures of himself and the biological mother Jill.Maybe the pictures will also have some resemblance of my daughter. Ray,being a MS sufferer is on a fixed income and due to the costs of hiringa detective agency and/or search agency, he thought that he would givethis a try. Ray will be using the proceeds from the auction to helpfund his search. Ray's daughter's adoption records are sealed and thishas been a very frustrating journey for him so far. He is hoping thisE-bay auction helps him on his quest to find the daughter he never knewhe had.

Ray Sabbatini also lists some personal information about himself, thebiological mother, daughter's date of birth, state of birth, where shewas born, and possible name of his daughter and the couple that adoptedher. Ray hopes that his biological daughter or the couple that adoptedher might see the auction, Ray says, "God Willing!" This auction can beviewed at with the heading "MS Sufferer Searching For HisDaughter" and is E-bay item # 110430862184

Ray was recently contacted by an old girlfriend from 20 years ago, JillMogul (the biological mother). She was looking for Ray for years andeventually found him on Facebook. "The story was a big shock for me andit still hasn't sunk in yet", says Ray. The birth mother, Jill Mogul,is also interested in reuniting with her daughter. Since Ray heard thenews, he has been working as a ‘team' with Jill to make this dream areality. Their daughter would be 19 years old now. "We would leave itup to her whether she would want to contact us with absolutely nopressure" says Ray and Jill. It just so happens that Jill Mogul, thebirth mother, is also adopted. She now has a daughter and a son.

Ray Sabbatini and Jill Mogul will also be posting this on Facebook andmy space, in hopes their daughter has an account with them. "What 19year old girl doesn't have a My space or Facebook account, not many",states Ray. "We will leave her the option of calling us, writing us, oreven contacting us directly through my website, like I said, absolutelyno pressure and she can contact us anonymously."

Ray, having MS, has a "no quit" attitude and now states, "we are on amission, we've already missed 19 years and do not want to miss one moreday!"