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Published Tuesday September 15th, 2009 at 1:01pm

Original Article by Raissa Tetanish

For more than three decades, Peter Giordano has been thinking about his birth family.

Now, the 45-year-old is on the hunt for his birth parents and siblings.

Born on July 22, 1964, Peter David Burton wastaken from his parents at the age of two-and-a-half. Six years and fourfoster homes later, he was adopted.

"I'm curious (about them)," he said from his home in New Jersey. "I wonder if they've ever looked for me."

Off and on for the last couple of years,Giordano has been searching for his parents, Donald Alexander Burtonand Norma LeBlanc, and his three brothers - born July 1959, May 1961whose name, according to letters from the child adoption agency isAnthony, and January 1963.

"Because two of my brothers are older than me,the odds of them being adopted also is unlikely. My brother who is ayear older than me is mentally retarded so he probably would havestayed in a home or something like that," he said.

Having his birth records and two letters of hishistory from the adoption agency, Giordano is hoping his search for hisbirth family will prove fruitful.

"I hope to find them and keep in touch with them through e-mail," he said.

The letters from the adoption agency sayGiordano's biological mother was born in Amherst in November 1939, andis one of nine children, with two brothers and six sisters.

It's written that her parents were of French descent.

Giordano's mother, according to the agency'sletter, married his father, who was born in Springhill in May of 1941and had two sisters.

In 1966, the family came to the attention ofFamily and Children's Services. They had been referred by a physicianat a mental health clinic who felt Giordano's mother wasn't capable ofmaintaining the family.

Giordano's father had a criminal history andspent many years in prison. When he was last released, Giordano'sfather returned home to the family for a month before leaving.

Giordano's mother had a difficult time coping with responsibilities of being a single mom.

The children were apprehended four days after Christmas.

"I can't remember much from my birth family,"said Giordano, adding the one thing he does remember is an incident atthe family's home on Church Street in Amherst.

"Unless that was a dream.

"I was young and my parents had guests over. Wehad holes in the ceiling from the pipes, and (my brothers and I) hadbig gumballs. We were taking pieces of them and throwing them down theholes."

Following the apprehension of Giordano and hissiblings, Giordano's mother went to Ontario where she lived with herhusband off and on, says the agency's letter, adding the mother hadmaintained some contact with her children in the years following.

Having searched online for names, Giordano saidhe came across a man with the same last name as his mother's that alsohappened to live on Church Street. He's emailed the man, without havingheard anything back.

If anyone thinks they may be related to Giordano, he would like to be contacted by email at