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Published Saturday September 26th, 2009 at 1:15am

Original Article by Lily Fu

Gary Nisbet, 35, left, and Randy Joubert, 36, pose for a photo, in Waldoboro, Maine. The men who work together discovered they are brothers who were each raised by separate adoptive parents. Randy searched the state database in January to find out about his birth parents and was told that he had a brother, but he was only given a first name for his sibling. (AP Photo/The Bangor Daily News, Gabor Degre)
Two men who work for the same furniture company in Maine, discovered recently that they are long-lost brothers.

The Bangor Daily News reports that many customers had commented on the physical similarities between Randy Joubert and Gary Nisbet who make furniture deliveries for the Dow Furniture Store in Waldoboro, Maine. Nisbet has worked for the company for seven years while Joubert joined the company two months ago.

The two passed off the comparisons until one day when Joubert said "something clicked with me." He decided to ask Nisbet some questions based on information he got from state birth records. Both Joubert and Nisbet were adopted as young children, but Joubert recently found out the name of his birth parents and that he had a brother who was born in 1974.

"Don't think I'm weird," Joubert recalled saying to Nisbet and proceeded to ask him whether he was adopted, what year he was born and what his birth parents names were.

When Nisbet told Joubert he was indeed adopted, that he was born in 1974 and that his parents names were Wilfred and Joan Pomroy, Joubert said, "Gary, do you understand what I am telling you? We are brothers .... I think I kept saying that. We had a few more deliveries and it was just the Twilight Zone."

"I went home and I just dropped," said Nisbet, 35. "I thought, 'I think I have a brother.'"

The two brothers grew up in families in neighboring towns and attended rival schools. They both currently live in Waldoboro. See photos of Randy Joubert and Gary Nisbet .

But the incredible story doesn't end there. Last Thursday a woman claiming to be their half-sister went to the furniture store with her birth certificate in hand to prove it.

Joanne Campbell was born five and six years before her brothers. "I'm really awestruck," Campbell said. "After all of these years, here I am 41 and now I finally found my brothers."

In another ironic twist of fate, the state law that allowed Joubert to access his birth records was one supported by his boss at the furniture store, former state senator Dana Dow. When his wife, Lisa Dow, found out the two were brothers, she got emotional.

"And he said I never would have found him if you didn't hire me to work here, and I started crying," Dow told WFIE-TV .

Employees at the Dow Furniture Store are now sporting T-shirts that read, " Something good did happen in Waldoboro."