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Published Wednesday September 23rd, 2009 at 1:27pm

Original Article by Ken Keis

Families can be easily separated by events such as adoption, separation, divorce, or foster care situations.

The only chance that the family can get back together again is whenof the parties decides to investigate that the adopted childinformation that the family has a chance of getting back together.

It is sad that in some situations, family members do not want to befound at all and they will do anything in their power just to stayanonymous.

Fortunately, a number of companies can assist the adopted child whowants to find birth parents, siblings, or other family members bylocating the adoption records. They provide any background informationthat is available.

Adoption child information records are not required to be of publicrecord in every state, which can make finding a loved one a bit morechallenging but not impossible.

When searching for adoption records, the requirements of the statein which the child adoption occurred must be verified because childadoption laws vary depending on the state where the adoption took place.

Before an adoptee can receive any identifying or non-identifyinginformation, he or she must meet the age requirement, usually eighteento twenty-five years.

The adoption child informaton records should be requested form thestate where the adoption was finalized, which is not necessarily thestate in which the birth occurred.

Alaska, Oregon, Kansas, Alabama, and New Hampshire are the states that have open adoption records policy.

This means that an adult adoptee can request the originaldocumentation of his or her adoption history by completing anapplication process.

Though some people never want to find their birth parents, this can change over time.

There are many online adoption resources available to adoptees,birth parents, siblings, and other family members that want to fill thevoid and reunite with lost loved ones.

Anyone interested can learn about adoption laws, how to obtainadoption child information records, or conduct a specialized search formore complex cases, for example in the event of a terminal illness ormedical emergency.

Pertinent information can also be entered into the adoption registrywhich includes the adoptee's birth date, birth place, gender, and firstand last names, so that the information can be traced by anyone lookingfor it.

Adoption child information records can also be obtained from anumber of other sites that offer background investigational servicesfor a professional fee, or that will provide access to adoption recordsdirectly.

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