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Published Friday June 5th, 2009 at 6:30pm

Original Article by Coley S.

In my last post I wrote about the BirthMom Buds event held at the beginning of May. In that post, I briefly mentioned that we had two speakers talk about how birthmothers and adoption had changed and touched their lives.

One of the speakers was Justin, a fifteen year old adoptee. So many of the things he said resonated with me and touched me so I thought I’d share them with my readers.

Justin was adopted at birth and told us that he always knew he was adopted although it didn’t start to really click as to what being adopted meant until he was middle school age.

Justin talked about what an amazing life he has, how much he loves his (adoptive) parents, and how grateful he is that his birthmother gave him life.

I think the part that resonated with me the most was that Justin talked about how his birthmother had written him a letter each year on his birthday. In the letter, she’d tell him a little bit about what was going on in her life. He said that he loved receiving her letters and treasures them but on his last birthday she didn’t send a letter. She only sent a card and had signed her name on the inside but didn’t include a letter. He was disappointed. While he said he was grateful for and appreciated the card, he missed the letter. He wanted to know how his birthmom was and what was going on in her life.

That part really hit home for me. I’ve written Charlie a letter each and every birthday. Although I always see him on or around his birthday I still mail the annual birthday letter.

I’ve often wondered if these letters will one day many anything to him. I guess I don’t see boys being sentimental or really treasuring anything like this but Justin showed me otherwise and because of his words and encouragement to all the birthmothers at our event, I’ll continue sending those birthday letters each and every year.