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Published Wednesday June 10th, 2009 at 8:32pm

Original Article by Jessica Lovell

Birth mother Heather Robison, is reunited with her son with the help of a reality tv show. Watch Video from ABC 13 News, Las Vegas

A Las Vegas woman found her birth son with some unlikely help from a reality television show. You can hardly turn on the tv without seeing the latest reality show concept and it's drama and disfunction.

But what happens when a reality show reunites a woman with her son? Heather Robison is a busy mom with a young daughter but 10 years ago she gave her son up for adoption.

When A & E's new reality show Tattoo Highway rolled through town she hoped on board to honor both children she gave birth to.

"His name is Orian, so I have a constellation of Orian and she represents the Phoenix rising from the ashes saying I came full circle and am able to provide for her what I couldn't for him at that time," explained Heather.

Tattoo Highway goes across the country giving tattoos aboard it's traveling tattoo parlor. When the show aired on the other side of the country a family in Florida recognized Heather as their son Orian's birth mother.

They searched MySpace and found Heather in Las Vegas. After a series of e-mails between the two families Heather was finally in contact with the young boy she named.

"He watched the show and was excited that I still love him and that I think about him all the time," said Heather.

With her life on the right track, she cares for her 5 year old daughter Alexa, who can't wait to meet her big brother and she already wants to borrow his stuff.

Heather plans on seeing her birth son the next time she is back in Florida visiting her family.