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Published Friday June 26th, 2009 at 10:57am

Original Article by Kris

Dear Rosa,

It is our daughter's 5th birthday today! I wonder ifyou are feeling sad today. I must admit that I get a little sad that Ihave no memories of my daughter being born, her newborn days, her firstyear. I wonder what she looked like when she was born. Did she cry? Didyou hold her? Did you nurse her? What was the weather like when she wasborn? Who delivered her? How long was your labor? Were therecomplications? Was anyone there to hold your hand? Did you cry? How areyou doing today? Has losing her left you empty? How are your otherkids? Do they ask about her?

So many's what I know...

Sheis the princess in our family. She is a social butterfly who nevertires of other people and the more the better! She loves to play withother kids...especially boys. She loves Spongebob. People say she lookslike me. She is smart. She doesn't like to sit still! She has beautifuldark brown eyes, the one feature that give away that she is not oursbiologically. She is funny. She loves to make cards for people. Sheloves to have books read to her. She loves Play-doh and fingerpaint andsand and loves making a mess! She loves school and her teachers. Sheloves her grandparents, her aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers andparents. We all love her! She entered our family seamlessly. She is oneof us and yet also and forever one of you.
She knows she has abirthmom named Rosa. She knows she was born in Russia. She knows I wasnot there the day she was born. She is not curious about it ...yet. Iknow that day is coming. I know birthdays may be hard for her...or not.I hope I am prepared.

I have your picture to give her when she'solder. I am sure she will be hungry for information about you. I willdo my best. I think of you and your children, my daughter's biologicalsisters and brothers. I think of you especially on this day. I hope youare well.