Registrant Bobbie Stegall is a birth mother looking for birth father. The adoptee was born in Illinois in 1969 on January 8th. He was born David Lane Jackson in Joliet in Will County to 19 year old birthmother Roberta Jean Stegall (maiden name Jackson). His adoptive name became David Lane Stegall.

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Birth Mother looking for Birth Father
Bobbie Stegall

Adoptee's Info
Birth Name: David Lane Jackson
Adoptive Name: David Lane Stegall
Date of Birth: Jan 8, 1969 (now 54 years old)
Gender: Male
Birth Location: Joliet city, Will county, Illinois USA

Birthmother's Info
Name: Roberta Jean Stegall (Jackson)
Born: Aug 30, 1950 (now 73 years old)
Age at Adoptee's Birth: 19
Religion: Baptist

Birthfather's Info
Name: Marwin Richards
Born: Unknown
Age at Adoptee's Birth: 20
Religion: Unknown

Born at Hospital:
Birth Certificate:
Adoption Agency:

Additional Info
Hi my name is Roberta Jean Stegall but everyone calls me Bobbie. I had my son David on January 8, 1969. His father was my boyfriend at Joliet East High School in Joliet, IL, Marwin Richards. He has a twin Marvin Richards. I don’t remember his parents names.\n\n\nWhen his parents found out they sent him away without him even telling me. He called me before I had the baby and wanted me to come where he was. I think he was in Atlanta at the time. My parents didn’t want me to travel at nine months pregnant.\n\n\nThe next time I heard from him he was in California and he wanted me to come out there with the baby. I didn’t want to go then but when I called him to say that we were coming to California he said he didn’t want me to come out there.\n\n\nIt broke heart. After that I went on with my life working and going to school at night. I eventually met Willie Ed Stegall and we got married. He wanted my son’s name changed on the birth certificate to his so I did. I didn’t realize at the time that I was hurting my child.\n\n\nI don’t remember how long we had been married but one night my child’s father came to our apartment and wanted to see his son. Willie wouldn’t let me go outside with the baby our even let me speak to him. After that I never saw or heard from him again.\n\n\nWillie and I divorced when my son was only 2 years old. My job was transferred to the Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, IL in 1973.\n\n\nMy son had some issues in high school and he was so angry that he never really had a real father and son relationship with Willie. Maybe if we hadn’t moved he would have been a good father to him but he didn’t ever pick him up or do things with him. I didn’t realize it at the time but I should not have changed my sons name on the birth certificate but I thought Willie really loved him as his son. I didn’t think he would just forget about him just because we got divorced and moved to Rock Island.\n\n\nMy son found out that he had a 31 year old daughter last year. She was adopted at 3 months old. We were living in Maryland at the time. She was so excited to find her biological father and that we all accepted her as our family.\n\n\nIt seems that after he found his daughter he started questioning his birth more and more saying that he felt like he was adopted. It hurt me so bad that he has been struggling with this hurt and loneliness all these years. I prayed and prayed about it. So will he was driving me to my doctor appointment at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics in Iowa City, IA I told him the truth. It was a great load off my chest but I didn’t know it would do more harm.\n\n\nHe started searching on Facebook and found who we think are is wife and daughter. A cousin responded and asked how do you know Marwin Richards. My son told him that he had just found out that Marwin was his biological father. He told them that he didn’t want anything or need anything that he just wanted to know where he came from. They didn’t respond anymore. I even sent messages to his brother Marvin. He didn’t respond and blocked me.\n\n\nMy child is suffering because of what I did and it hurts me to see him going through this. He thought that his father and his family would accept him the way we have with his daughter. Unfortunately, they were never friendly to my family I think because they were teachers and at the time they lived in a better house than we did when we first moved to Joliet. My father was in the military for 25 years and civilian government employee for 20 years.\n\n\nI retired from the federal government in 2005 and my 2 sisters also retired from federal service with over 30 years.\n\n\nI said all of that to say that I worked hard to give my child a good life and he has had a very good life that my family and I gave him. He has had his own business for 16 years with his wife of 28 years. They have 2 beautiful daughters and his daughter in Florida. I have a beautiful great granddaughter that is 4.\n\n\nIt is so sad that with all the blessings in his life he still feels unloved and unwanted. All the love we have given him still hasn’t taken the pain away.\n\n\nHe told me that it is really messed up that 2 mfer’s don’t want him. He has started during too much and it has gotten worse since no one responded to him. We even found a phone number for Marwin. He called and left a message. No response.\n

Registered: July 5, 2022

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