Registrant David Clemens is an adoptive relative looking for any of his birth family. The adoptee was born in Oregon in 1969 on October 15th. He was born Baby Boy KESLER in Portland in Multnomah County. Albertina Kerr handled the adoption. His adoptive name became William Glen Blake.

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Oregon Adoption Record: # 108352

Adoptive Relative looking for Any Birth Family
David Clemens

Adoptee's Info
Birth Name: Baby Boy KESLER
Adoptive Name: William Glen Blake
Date of Birth: Oct 15, 1969 (now 52 years old)
Gender: Male
Birth Location: Portland city, Multnomah county, Oregon USA

Birthmother's Info
Name: (Kesler)
Born: Unknown
Age at Adoptee's Birth: Unknown
Religion: Unknown

Birthfather's Info
Name: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Age at Adoptee's Birth: Unknown
Religion: Unknown

Born at Hospital:
Birth Certificate:
Adoption Agency: Albertina Kerr

Additional Info
William Blake (adopted name) is an adoptee looking for any of his birth family. The adoptee was born on October 15, 1969 in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon. The July 1970 Multnomah County adoption decree refers to him as "Baby Boy KESLER" and states that his birth parents were unmarried. Neither of the birth parents had any known prior connection to Portland and it is suspected (without proof) that the birth mother came from the Bend, Oregon area to live at the Albertina Kerr unwed mother home in Portland. Based upon the adoption decree, KESLER is the presumed surname of the adoptee's birth mother. The identity of the birth father is unknown. The birth parents may have been young, perhaps even teenagers at the time of birth, according to the adoptive mother. (There is no known documentation to support this belief. If the birth parents were teenagers at the time of the birth, their own birth years would be in the early 1950s.) The adoptive parents never met or communicated with the birth parents and have no additional information. The adoption was handled by the Albertina Kerr Home in Portland. His adoptive name became William Glen Blake. He now has multiple children and grand-children. DNA testing (using 23andme) of a son of the adoptee indicates that DNA cousins of the adoptee's birth father are associated with the surname NELSON in Indiana, USA (from NIELSEN immigrants from Denmark to the US). This does not necessarily meant that the adoptee's birth-father has that surname himself, but it is likely that his biologic family tree has one or more occurrences of the NELSON surname within a few generations. The adoptee's son has the DNA paternal haplogroup I-M253 (also held by paternal-only DNA cousins with the NELSON surname) which means that the adoptee and the adoptee's unknown birth father (and his father, etc.) have that same male-line-only paternal haplogroup. No information is available on DNA of the birth mother and no DNA cousins of hers have yet been identified. The information above was supplied by David Clemens, an uncle of the adoptee's son.

Registered: July 21, 2022
Updated: July 29, 2022

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